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Preparation is key for any job interview. Below are a series of steps you should take leading up to the event, to help maximize your chances of success.
How to get selected in that interview – tips and examples
How to get selected in that interview – tips and examples

Whether you are applying for an entry-level position or a senior role, you will probably have to interview with a potential employer before receiving a job offer. Since a job interview gives you a chance to show your qualifications and make a good impression on the hiring team, you will want to perform at your best during this important meeting. In this article, we discuss how to ace an interview, including preparation tips for common job interview questions.
UAE: If you are a student and looking for an internship, Do you need a work permit?
A step-by-step guide on how to apply for an internship in the UAE
Job Loss Insurance in UAE
UAE unemployment insurance system will help workers with cash in event of job loss
Bank warns of fake cheque scam targeting job seekers
Commercial Bank Qatar has alerted people to raise awareness regarding the recent fake cheque scam that victimizes job seekers
Not being paid gratuity after 12 months of service - What can I do?
Is the employment period calculated from the day the visa is stamped or Day 1 at work?
How to check labour ban?
A labour ban is not limited to unskilled labour. Labour ban may apply on all employees in situations where the employee violates the UAE Labour law and its related executive resolutions.
How to find a job in Dubai. Latest Abu Dhabi job vacancies
Looking for a job in Dubai or want to know about latest Abu Dhabi job vacancies. can help you!
Thousands of Pakistanis got jobs in UAE in 3 years
More than 1.1 million Pakistanis got jobs overseas in the first three years of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis informed Senate on Friday.
Why jobs are plentiful but workers are hard to find?
This gap, in which the employment rate is below its pre-Covid level, is playing out in the United States and the United Kingdom