About Us

GroupL was founded to give internationally migrant workers an opportunity to earn a better livelihood. We have 1000s of screened and trained candidates across sectors to help you fill the skill gap in your business.

Nearly fifty years ago, GroupL was founded with a dream. A dream to fulfil human potential. It is a dream that we work on every day. Today, GroupL opens doors for international migrant workers and empowers them to earn a better livelihood. Recruiting across an array of industries including Security, Facility Management, Construction, Food and Beverage, Retail, Hospitality, Aviation, Healthcare and Oil and Gas, we have leveraged our vast experience servicing those sectors and created job-specific training courses to ensure that all workers deployed by GroupL arrive job-ready.

Continually expanding our reach, we currently recruit from 32 countries across South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Russia. GroupL is committed to expanding its presence to newer employer markets, giving job-seekers a wider range of opportunities. This is complemented by our efforts to scale up the existing training infrastructure to cover all job roles, across our entire network. We are also optimizing our newly digitized processes to scale the operational life cycle. As GroupL enters the sixth decade of its life, the pursuit of our dream is stronger than ever, as is our commitment to bringing skills and opportunities together.

To bring all aspects of its recruitment together, GroupL founded a job portal in Worka.me to help internationally migrant workers find jobs easily across borders directly. Worka.me links thousands of jobseekers with employers looking to hire from across borders. Worka enables traditional talent acquisition best practices to be upgraded with digital alternatives: walk-in vs online applications, piles of paper based resumes vs cloud-based Applicant Tracking Systems, face-to-face interviews vs videoconferencing…

Thousands of jobseekers rely daily on our free job search, job matching alerts, career resources library and online courses to build their career. You won’t miss an opportunity thanks to online messaging with employers, guaranteed timely updates about your applications and automated reminders when you get invited for an interview. Employers enjoy an efficient recruitment automation platform, equipped with built-in features that generally come on top of traditional job boards. Worka combines automated scoring and filtering of candidates, user-friendly Applicant Tracking System and smart Interview Scheduler, to help you get rid of the repetitive traditional hiring tasks.