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    UAE: Masks still mandatory in these 3 public areas as Covid rules are eased

    The UAE has eased rules around mask wearing as the country introduced sweeping changes to Covid safety measures. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28, mask wearing is optional for all "open and closed facilities and spaces", except three.

    The three public areas where they remain mandatory are:

    1. Hospitals and medical facilities

    2. Mosques

    3. Public transportation means like buses

    They are no longer mandatory in malls, restaurants, supermarkets or any other public places.

    Additionally, the following categories have to remain masked:

    1. Food service providers

    2. Covid-positive cases

    3. Those suspected of having Covid

    Vulnerable categories of residents and tourists have been advised to continue wearing masks. These include the elderly, those with chronic diseases and people of determination.

    Airlines have been given the option to decide whether to make mask wearing mandatory onboard flights.