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    Five Business Development Jobs that will help You Grow as an Individual

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the developed economies in the Middle East. From the 1980s to 2000, the monarchy government built modern infrastructure to make this nation a vital landmark on the world map. Today, business development executive jobs in UAE are most in demand. Such executives were responsible for building this economy as one of the most preferred destinations for investment in business among the Islamic states. Today, Dubai City comes under the 5th most visited place o this planet earth. These achievements were due to the vast business development career opportunities in tourism.

    Many Emiratis and ex-pats have become a millionaire in a short span by taking the opportunities available in business development jobs in Dubai. They joined as executives and held the top post in small and big business organizations. They were recognized by their working organization, rewarded by various business rating agencies and participated in international trade fairs, conferences and meets held in UAE and abroad nations. I have listed the top 5 business development jobs that will help you to grow as an individual after working in UAE. These jobs are highly paid and rewarded the most by employers in these different fields.

    1. Business Development Executive in the Tourism industry

    Business development executives earn the most from the tourism industry. A 60% share is coming to the UAE government by promoting travel and tourism in Dubai alone. The role of the business development executive in travel; and tours has brought millions of tourists to visit Dubai yearly. Today, Dubai is one of the costly places to land for luxury tourism. Being an Alpha ++ city, people from across this globe visit to see the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, under Dubai City Tour. Hundreds of multi-national and Emiratis-based tours and travel companies recruit business development managers from tours and travel fields.

    As a business development executive in the tourism industry, you have the opportunity to become the band manager of a travel company in Dubai. Dubai's travel and tourism companies pay higher incentives than salaries for their business development staff, from executives to managers. Later you can become a Dubai travel and tourism consultant, expert and advisor.

         2. Retail Business Development jobs in Dubai Malls

    The malls in Dubai are one of the most preferred places to shop once on a Dubai tour. The duty-free nature of the UAE has brought many people from across the globe to buy precious metals and stones from the jeweller shops in Dubai malls. Apart from gold and diamonds, it has many retail shops in textiles, lifestyle products, electronics and home appliances. The retail owners do promote online and offline. Thus, they need business development executives to improve sales in Dubai during peak and non-peak seasons in tourism and international fairs. You will get recognition if you can bring more business and convert the walk-in customers into a sale through your business development ideas and innovations.

    Retail jobs in Dubai do need multi-skilled business development executives. You can learn and excel in retailing while working in Dubai malls for a few years. They recognize their employees and do promote them for further business development. You will earn more incentives when new customers are incurred online and offline. Later, you will reach a position to promote their brand and develop more markets in UAE for the retail business company you work for.

       3. Business Development jobs in oil and Gas, UAE

    Before 2000, the Dubai careers were mostly vested in the oil and gas industries of the UAE. Yet, this global city is also one of the most happening industries in exports. A candidate joining an executive business development roles and responsibilities are very different from other sectors of UAE. They were responsible for promoting oil and gas exports to the world's developing countries and developed nations. The oil and gas companies in UAE need business development staff in sales, engineering, operations, and research and development. They do the marketing of the surplus oil and gas manufactured in UAE to export them and earn profits. Apart from the state-owned oil and gas industry, private hands are also in oil and gas allied industries. They need business development executives at all levels to improve or achieve their business goals.

    You can become an entrepreneur or a startup with oil and gas industry experience. Thus, you will become a profitable exporter and serve the UAE with allied business opportunities available in the local and international markets.

       4. Business Development Career in Finance

    Finance jobs in Dubai are one of the most in-demand and highly paid in the UAE. Yet, Dubai will be the financial hub of this world as many financial agencies have branches in high-rise commercial buildings in Dubai city. Many multi-national banks in UAE serve individuals, businesses, industries and others in financial services. Besides banking, UAE is also one of the best places for investments and trading. People of any nation can invest or do trading in the United Arabs Emiratis Stock Market. Today, the role of business development titles is available from executive level to top managerial level posts.

    You can earn more as a business development executive by promoting retail loan products. You have the vast potential based on your performance to become a product manager, brand manager and senior position in business development in the banking industry. As an investment business development executive, you can become a professional Portia, financial adviser, and consultant and even start an agency to serve non-banking financial services in Dubai and other cities in UAE.

       5. Real Estate

    UAE reality is soaring high in land prices. As such, Dubai is the most happening place for investment in tourism-related infrastructure projects. The role of business development executives is to make it happen as they search and fill the needs of investors, Dubai city dreamers, and others willing to buy or sell their existing properties in the UAE.

    For freshers, real estate jobs in Dubai are the best to take to earn good and excel in this sector. The commission you get is high such that you can become a registered real estate agent in Dubai.