HR Manager’s Guide for Performance and Coaching

By: ClearCompany

The HR Manager has always had
a big job, and with a workforce in
recovery and in desperate need
of coaching and feedback, it just
got bigger.
The importance of feedback was emerging
as crucial before the pandemic hit and
put on hold while the nation reeled from
its aftershocks. Now, as companies and
individuals alike look ahead to recovery,
well, it’s become paramount.
Several hurdles stand in the way of doing coaching
and feedback the way “it’s always been done”:
• A remote or hybrid workforce creates barriers that did
not exist before.
• Shaken employees have been in survival mode for a
sustained period, making them more vulnerable to
critical feedback.
• Budgets and forecasting were both frozen, leaving little
flexibility for future planning by executives
and managers.
• The onslaught of new employees in any given
organization makes training tougher than before.

While these hurdles may seem insurmountable,
the flip side of each one of them is that the need
for an empathy-based approach to feedback and
increased training and education around coaching
are highlighted.
This guide is designed to help you be the coaching
and feedback beacon your company and your
employees need you to be as the workforce
recovers. The pandemic has (and continues to) reset
workforce trends, reveal broken processes, create
opportunities for learning, and make necessity the
mother of new strategies.
In this guide, we will:
• A remote or hybrid workforce needs facetime,
collaboration, and feedback more consistently.
• Employees entering the recovery face need to see
management and HR taking the lead
with feedback loops and reestablishing norms.
• Many companies are beginning to forecast and
release budgets as the recovery moves forward.
• Evaluate the impact each new HR trend will have
on coaching and feedback.
• Clarify how to focus your organization’s strategic
goals through feedback.
• Identify the immediate actions you can take to
jumpstart a revised coaching and feedback plan.
• Assess how COVID-19 has altered your coaching
and feedback strategic goals and plans.